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Our overall goal for 2020 is to raise $750,000 so we can start building our own independent transitional housing for the youth that we mentor across the country. Every year, approximately 400,000 children enter the foster care system in the US. Whether they graduate high school or not, most states cut off all support and housing for the child on their 18th Birthday. One study showed that more than 90% of youth in foster care with five or more moves will become involved in the juvenile justice system. Another study found that by age 17, over half of youth in foster care experienced an arrest, conviction, or overnight stay in a correctional facility.

Giving them a guaranteed home to live for free will help us decrease the percentages of the foster care to prison pipeline. In addition, we will be able to educate, upgrade and mentor our future leaders hands on. Your contribution will help us protect our future leaders and prove that our youth deserve a second chance. When you sponsor us, it will be tax exempt through our fiscal sponsorship program.







 – By age 17, over half of youth in foster care have experienced an arrest, conviction, or overnight stay in a correctional facility.

– 90% of youth with 5+ foster placements will enter the justice system at some point in their life.

– Female foster youth are ten times more likely than their non-foster peers to commit a crime, while males are four percent more likely.


(Residential Facilities)

– Youth placed in group homes are 2.5 times more likely to get involved with the justice system than their peers.

– Of the 435,000 foster kids in America, 55,000 live in residential treatment facilities, group homes, psychiatric institutions, or emergency shelters.

– 36% of foster kids in residential/psychiatric care have a DSM diagnosis, but 28% have no clinical indicators of a diagnosis whatsoever. The remaining 36% of them have indicators of a diagnosis, but have not yet been diagnosed with anything.

– 45% of foster kids are placed in facilities for behavior problems.


(Substance Abuse)

– Former foster youth experience more than 7x the rate of drug dependence and 2x the rate of alcohol dependence as non-foster youth.

– Parental substance abuse was the reason for removing children from families in 32.2 percent of cases in 2015, which was up from 28.5 percent in 2012.

– 34% of foster care children struggle with illicit drug use, compared with 22% of non-foster children.

– Foster care youth tend to engage in substance use a year and a half earlier than their non-foster peers.



– Nationally, 50% of the homeless population spent time in foster care.

– The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates that 5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide.

– After reaching the age of 18, 20% of foster kids will become instantly homeless.

– A history of foster care correlates with becoming homeless at an earlier age and remaining homeless for a longer period of time.


(Education and Employment)

– There’s less than a 3% chance for children who have aged out of foster care to earn a college degree at any point in their lifetime.

– 1 in 4 kids who age out of the system will not graduate from high school or be able to pass their GED.


(Generational Problems)

– The percentage of children who age out of foster care and still suffer from the direct effects of unhealed PTSD is 25%.

– Children whose parents abuse alcohol and drugs are more likely to have behavioral problems, which increases the risk of trying alcohol or drugs.

– Children of parents who abuse substances are exposed to more opportunities to try these substances.

– Children of parents who abuse drugs may inherit a genetic predisposition (or greater likelihood) for addiction or for having an “addictive personality,” which has been clinically proven in brain studies to exist.


(Sex Trafficking)

– 60% of all child sex trafficking victims have histories in the child welfare system.

– Foster children have a history of being used by biological parents as a “paycheck,” meaning they may be more attracted to the type of increased attention and lavish advances human traffickers are well versed in conducting.

– Human traffickers will prey on individuals who are most vulnerable, which is why foster children have a greater risk of becoming victims than those who aren’t in the system.



Knowing that 80% of inmates currently in prison were previously in the child welfare system; where do you think they would be if they had a family environment/transitional home to go? A home where they were educated with life skills, given a job opportunity, and educational access? This is where our partnership with Regional Business Alliance kicks in. Using our direct access to the pipeline of employment opportunities, we are able to put them in advanced positions in paid internships and full time jobs. 

WIth unity from our community, we can overcome anything!






A generous and extensive network of Fortune 500 corporations, educational and professional institutions, foundations, and individuals support No Child Left Behind. Through the resources they provide, our Sponsors are helping No Child Left Behind transform foster/state custody children into future leaders of the community.

No Child Left Behind is a leading program for homeless children.  With support from other leaders within the community. No Child Left Behind designs accessible, innovative programs to build self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills while motivating troubled youth to pursue personal success and how to forgive their parents or siblings that have done them wrong in the past.

We cultivate innovative collaborations and strategic partnerships with corporations that share our founder, Kendall Walker’s vision "to transform our culture by creating a resource center where homeless youth have a second chance at life. Statistics say that 90% of them will enter the justice system at least once in their life. Our job is to bring that number down to 30% by 2024."

This support, including financial contributions, in-kind donations, employee volunteerism and mentoring, provides vital resources for No Child Left Behind’s organizational growth, and is a testimony to the value found in No Child Left Behind’s programs.

No Child Left Behind sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Financial Sponsorship of programs and strategic initiatives
  • In-kind donations of parts, equipment of facilities
  • Scholarships & Internships for students
  • Employee Engagement
  • Cause Marketing

No Child Left Behind sponsorship benefits include:

  • Strengthening your company’s reputation in the community
  • Recognition across No Child Left Behind platforms and events
  • Creating a pipeline for interns and future employees
  • Rich employee volunteer opportunities
  • Provides renewed inspiration to company engineers and employees
  • Provides employee team building and training opportunities and increases positive feelings for employers

No Child Left Behind Corporate Sponsors come from industries of all shapes and sizes. All of our sponsors are critical to building transitional housing for our homeless youth, and we are grateful to each one for their unique contributions.

For information on how to become a sponsor please email us at joinnclb@gmail.com.


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If you are as passionate as we are about helping our future leaders, we would love to give you the opportunity to do a long term agreement (6 month minimum). If you are interested in Sponsoring multiple events throughout the year, you can email us at rumgstaff[@]gmail.com.