Rise Up Club

*Rise Up Club will be launching on May 24th, 2021!


About Us: 

 The Rise Up Club is a business accountability group established to help entrepreneurs and professionals stay on track with their careers while networking and being held accountable for their weekly growth. We provide weekly meetings, motivational conversations, free exclusive merch,  monthly events, a fitness program and more. We make it easy to stay busy, organized and focused on your ambitions and goals - all for FREE! We care more about creating a fun and thriving community of entrepreneurs more than a piece of paper.



Need 6 Reasons Why You Should Join Us?  

  1. You want to succeed faster.
  2. You want to network more.
  3. You want to get motivation.
  4. You want to learn more about business.
  5. You want to be held accountable for achieving your goals.
  6. You want to meet other people who are serious about their business and achieving their life goals.


Only Rule:

 If you do not accomplish your list of goals for the week, you must purchase a product or service from another member within the Rise Up Club. Therefore, if you do not meet your goals you set for the week, you will be supporting another member within the Rise Up Club. This helps with holding yourself accountable for your weekly growth.




  • Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday Morning: Hustle Calls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 8A. We discuss business and marketing tips, motivational speeches, and how to win the day. 
  • Every Wednesday: We meet virtually once per week Wednesday’s @ 8:30P. Let each person discuss what their accomplishments were last week for 5 minutes and if there were any goals that they couldn’t accomplish discuss why and how you plan on not allowing it to happen again. Showing proof of accomplishing goals, progress with credit, weight loss, anything they’ve learned relating to financial secrets/mental health strategies/food diets/etc, or any ideas they would share with the Group to make things better. Set 5 goals for next week. Have a timekeeper.
  • Every Tuesday & Sunday: Fitness Program meets on Tuesdays, and Sundays to run/walk at Piedmont Park. We have 3 different tiers to comfortably separate all levels of pace. Tuesdays @ 7:30A and Sunday’s @ 9:30A.


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Text “RISEUP” to 1+(202) 982-7789 to join the Rise Up Club and get in touch with a Rise Up Representative immediately.