When it comes to our work, our mission is to show our clients how to become a legal music business, properly register their music, copyright/trademark their music, create the best music possible, build financial stability from their music, achieve successful promotion campaigns, build an organic audience, build a brand, collect all 4 types of royalties, share our network/resources, and most of all - build together.

Quick Facts:

    • Rise Up Music Group was founded in October of 2011.
  • Signed first record deal in August 23, 2013 with M. Republik Music Group and Sony ATV Publishing*
      • Our main partners consist of National Association of Campus Activities & Regional Business Alliance.
      • We work with all genres, as long as the music is professional quality, or timeless.
  • Proven Radio Industry Experts providing Radio placement + generating guaranteed Radio royalties up to $20,000+ for one song*
      • Help Independent/Unsigned Artists generate a stable full-time income from their music royalties through BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SOCAN, etc and Soundexchange.
      • Service music directly to 120+ Spotify Curators, 600+ Radio Programmers/DJs, and provide organic YouTube/Spotify/Tidal Promotion.
  • Partnered with 5 Licensed Radio Networks for direct radio rotation placement at little to no cost resulting in guaranteed public performance royalties paid to Soundexchange and royalties paid to your PRO (BMI, ASCAP, etc)*
    • Specialize in booking paid performances without needing promoters or booking agencies. We are the booking agent!

    What We Provide:

      1. Mentorship: This is where we educate and consult with artists on the music business so that they will be on the page as far as knowledge with us. Helps make the relationship more stable.
      2. Financial Stability: Making sure our artists are financially stable to ensure the best quality push and time needed to break an artist is at the top of our priority list. First, we look at paid opportunities through one of our many available resources and relationships to match the artist(s) with. Second, we take a look at the artist(s) current financial situation, credit report, and more to help the artist(s) properly budget, maintain a great relationship with their bank and build their credit score.
      3. Social Media Marketing: Whenever a client needs to build an online audience, we recommend our social media marketing campaigns. We calculate strategies, use our resources and relationships, and execute organic results immediately. 
      4. Paid Performances w/ Colleges: Through our partnership at National Association of Campus Activities, we provide Colleges with live talent for paid music performance and speaking opportunities. Colleges are reliable because they have 100s of millions of dollars that they gross per year, and the Colleges’ talent buyers booking our artists are not coming out of pocket; because the colleges’ banks are paying. Therefore they have no emotional decision to make based on profit. They simply book based out of professionalism and our history/rapport as a Record Label.
      5. Paid Performances w/ Venues/Clubs/Lounges/Bars/Etc: We have built a network of venues that we have worked with over the last several years, and maintained a healthy relationship with anyone we’ve done live entertainment business with. We also understand the science behind booking with venues because we understand how they profit from alcohol sales, tabs, foods, etc so we can calculate how much they can afford to book an artist.
      6. Publishing Collection/Licensing Placements: We help artists get start their own Publishing company and get set up with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO, like BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc), so the artist can collect Publishing royalties plus more royalties whenever we license their music on Video Games, Films, Commercials, TV Shows, YouTube Influencers, ETC. When the artist have their music properly registered, they no longer need followers, fame, or “clout” to make a full time living from their music. For example, we can give 25 different YouTube Influencers the license to synchronize the artists’ published music to utilize as background, so if the YouTube Influencers’ video views add up to 2.5 million views all together, the artist will receive a Publishing check from their PRO that reflects 2.5 million views (2.5M YT views = $4,375 YouTube Publishing Check from their PRO), EVEN if their music video on their Artist channel only has 1,500 views. The goal is to be rich instead of famous, because money can pay for fame so it’s best to go and get the money FIRST as an Independent artist.
      7. Spotify/Youtube Marketing: Since our first Publishing Deal with M. Republik Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment in August of 2013, we have established personal relationships with over 120+ Independent Spotify Curators of all genres/moods for direct placements. When people are in the gym, they listen to uptempo and gym curated playlists. When people are having a kickback, they listen to party curated playlists. When people are having a smoking session, they are listening to mellow curated playlists. Getting an artist placed on the right ORGANIC playlists will expose them directly to whoever their target audience is while generating royalties they deserve. We also teach artists to distribute their music at least a month ahead to give the official Spotify Curators time to review and add their upcoming release to Official Spotify Playlists. They can only do this by logging into their Spotify For Artists account from their desktop (not the app) and pitch the songs! In addition, the reason we want the artist to have their music properly registered is because music streaming platforms not only pay the Artists’ distributor (Tunecore, Distrokid, United Master, etc) for their Streams (which is called Mechanical Royalties), they also pay the Artists’ PRO (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) for Public Performance Royalties as well. If the Artists’ music is not properly registered, they will only receive Mechanical Royalties; so if they receive 10,000 they will only get paid $40 in Mechanical Royalties. When their music is properly registered and they receive 10,000 streams, not only will they receive MEchanical Royalties for $40, but they will also receive an additional $450 for Public Performance Royalties. With a small amount of royalties, the Artist still will have the opportunity to make a lot more money from their published music.
      8. Blog/Press Placements: With almost 10 years of marketing and media experience, we will assign a Public Relations Manager, Content Writer, and Artist Manager to the Artist whenever they are campaigning a new release for a single, project or music video. We will get them placed on ORGANIC media outlets, blogs, magazines, interview platforms, etc to establish their credibility and fanbase.
      9. Radio Campaign: Since our first publishing deal with M. Republik Music Group and Sony Music in August of 2013, we’ve had 60+ singles picked up for global radio campaigns. Since January of 2014, we have independently generated over $480,000 of Radio royalties alone through Soundexchange, BMI and ASCAP. We have serviced 600+ Radio stations licensed with BDS/Mediabase with quality music and established reliable relationships with Radio DJs, Music Directors and Music Programmers that work for radio stations. During each radio campaign, we will guarantee anywhere between $500-$20,000 in royalties for one song depending on the quality and potential of the track. Artist must be registered with a Performance Rights Organization (PROs), Soundexchange, Soundscan, Nielsen BDS, and Mediabase to collect the royalties from their radio spins and chart on radio charts. Attached below, you will see a 2 week airplay report from our most successful radio single, “My Dollars”, which generated up to $16,000 per 3 Month Quarter in Radio royalties.



    Social Media Marketing Case Study (CLIENT: Rebellious Chantele):


    Radio Promotion Case Study:

    Spotify Case Studies (CLIENTS: Kiian & Danjul):