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JuiceKarter, CEO/Founder of Rise Up Music Group

STAT OF THE YEAR: (1.8m+ streams in 2019)




 Kendall Walker, better known as "JuiceKarter", is a 25 year old American songwriter and executive born in Rock Hill, SC. In August of 2013, JuiceKarter signed his first publishing deal with M. Republik Music Group/Sony Records. Walker's buzz skyrocketed in 2014 when he broke the Top 100 Rhythmic Charts, peaking at #67 with his single "My Dollars". From January 2014 to June 2014, JuiceKarter had 3 singles picked up for international radio campaigns which makes him a rare success coming from the small town of Rock Hill, SC.

 After successfully completing 2 publishing deals with M. Republik/Sony, JuiceKarter decided to become his own executive and launched his company, Rise Up Music Group. Known for his timeless marketing strategies, JuiceKarter released his first single "Don't Stop" off of his highly anticipated album, Sincere. That same day, Juice debuted the single on outdoor billboards across the US, which later resulted in over 1+ million streams in just 3 months. He is currently touring the US, launching the release of his latest album release, Sincere. With all of the independent success JuiceKarter has had at the age of 25, he is definitely a South Carolina legend here to stay.



 North Carolina nonprofit, No Child Left Behind, has collaborated with JuiceKarter on his latest album. 100% of all sales of the album will be donated to NCLB's goal to raise $75,000. Their goal is to create transitional housing for homeless foster/state custody children. This will enable No Child Left Behind to start building their own independent transitional housing for the youth that they mentor across the Carolinas. Every year, approximately 400,000 children enter the foster care system in the US. Whether they graduate high school or not, most states cut off all support and housing for the child on their 18th Birthday. One study showed that more than 90% of youth in foster care with five or more moves will become involved in the juvenile justice system. Another study found that by age 17, over half of youth in foster care experienced an arrest, conviction, or overnight stay in a correctional facility.

 Giving them a guaranteed home to live for free will help No Child Left Behind decrease the percentages of the foster care to prison pipeline. In addition, NCLB will be able to educate, upgrade and mentor our future leaders hands on. Your participation will help No Child Left Behind protect our future leaders and prove that our youth deserve a second chance.












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