Ron$oCold | Rise Up Music Group

 When we began working with Ron$oCold, he expressed to us about how hard it is for Charlotte artists to get exposure and booked for shows. We began to assist with paid performances, marketing and consulting and watched him blossum into the artist he is today!
 Ron$oCold is one of the most talented underground artists in recent memory. Although he uses heavy autotune on all of his songs, he finds a way to keep it fresh and his music never sounds repetitive in the slightest. His cadences are simple but catchier than most of the hit songs on the charts, and his overall style from his music to his fashion sense is top-notch.
 Ron$oCold has been all over the underground scene for the past few years and is undoubtedly a favorite of Rise Up, but also a favorite of many artists in the Rap game at this point. It’s only a matter of time before he rises into the spotlight due to his matchless sound and constant grind, so this could be the year we see him transcend above the underground.